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Tatsuya: Better as Seme or Uke - azn_blackmarket [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tatsuya: Better as Seme or Uke [Sep. 2nd, 2010|12:25 pm]

I wonder if Tatsuya is shorter than Ayumu. That would be funny if it were true. Well to me it would. Anyways, I'm trying to figure out if Tatsuya is better as a seme or uke. Honestly he's more pleasing to watch as seme. Whenever Tatsuya is on bottom he seems to be in a LOT of pain. For example, in Midara he was in a 3P and was being approached by Mr. Mustache first. Tatsuya kept on pushing himself away but Mr. Mustache was relentless. That was when I felt bad. I could tell that Tatsuya didn't want any of it any more. On another occasion, in SMASH, Tatsuya was seen strapped down to a chair. Again Mr. Mustache was the attacker and again Tatsuya was in pain. I could tell when he was in pain when he shook his head "no" a few times and then Mr. Mustache switched Tatsuya in a more comfortable position. In Missatsu 3, Tatsuya was partnered with J-san. I think that was the first and last time anyone got to hear Tatsuya's uke moans. Most of the time Tatsuya has voiceless huffs but in that one particiular movie his shrill cries rang out. Like the other films where Tatsuya was on bottom, it was painful to watch.That's why Tatsuya is better off on top. He also keeps his sexy huffing moans as well.

Something that i've noticed is that there was a big difference in how Tatsuya and Ayumu made love in Koi nori versus the Koi ni ochitara series. in Koi Nori when the couple first met, the sex was rough. The foreplay was nice I guess. Ayumu "looked" like he was into what Tatsuya was doing to him. i don't know if Ayumu was told to act like he "loved" Tatsuya or felt extremely comfortable with Tatsuya so that's why he squealed and purred more than usual under Tatsuya's warm hands. Afterwords, Tatsuya gave Ayumu what he wanted. From the way Ayumu stopped moaning to catch his breath, Tatsuya was a bit too rough. But their love making was more gentle and smooth in the Koi ni ochitara series.


Nagi really likes Sho to the point where Nagi jokingly proposed to Sho a few times. Although Sho looked like he wasn't into Nagi. Maybe because Nagi is a heavy smoker and Sho is trying to quit. I wonder if Nagi will quit smoking because of his "feelings" for Sho. Sho is capable of falling in love with another man, it just won't be Nagi.